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Phoenix, Arizona, witnessed an impactful event as Americans for Prosperity, in collaboration with its sister organization, LIBRE, hosted a gas station event that rolled back the price of gasoline to $2.38 a gallon — the national average on the day Joe Biden assumed office.

Drawing 150 cars to this eye-catching event, attendees had the opportunity to engage in critical conversations about the ramifications of Washington’s energy policies, which have led to soaring gas prices. The event emphasized the importance of passing H.R. 1 as the first step towards unleashing America’s energy abundance.

The gas station event in Phoenix provided a hands-on demonstration of the tangible consequences of energy policies on everyday Americans. By offering gasoline at a price reminiscent of earlier, more affordable times, the event underscored the impact of recent policy decisions on the wallets of citizens.

Attendees had the chance to discuss the failures of current energy policies coming out of Washington, which have contributed to the surging gas prices that are straining household budgets. The event highlighted the critical role of H.R. 1 in removing regulatory hurdles and enabling America to harness its energy potential.

As the event concluded, participants left with a renewed understanding of the importance of responsible governance and the need for policies that support economic growth and energy independence. The collaboration between Americans for Prosperity and LIBRE showcased the power of grassroots advocacy in raising awareness about the critical issues facing our nation.

As the Prosperity is Possible campaign continues, events like these serve as a powerful reminder that informed conversations and practical demonstrations can drive positive change and empower individuals to advocate for policies that promote prosperity and unleash America’s full potential.

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