• How can we stop inflation ?

    How can we stop inflation?

    From the gas pump to the grocery aisle, Americans are feeling the pinch of rising prices. The question on everyone’s mind: Why is…

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  • Make energy affordable

    Wired for Progress: Streamline regulations and unleash American energy

    What is the hardest part of building a solar energy farm, setting transmission lines, or a gas pipeline?    If you think it is…

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  • Congress needs budget targets now. 

    Congressional Chaos: Why It’s Time for a Real Budget

    Déjà vu alert: A couple weeks ago, Congress scrambled to pass a $1.2 trillion-dollar spending deal to prevent a government shutdown. The last…

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  • Toward a more prosperous union: How to build a stronger economy  

    President Biden’s State of the Union laid out his economic vision for America. Regretfully, his proposals for the country are more of the…

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