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For many people across the country, the American Dream seems to be an unaffordable fantasy.  

They have good reason to be upset. Prices are going through the roof, the national debt skyrocketed to unsustainable levels, and most Americans live paycheck to paycheck.  

Many Americans feel hopeless whenever they buy groceries or fuel their tank. 

 While things might look bleak today, there is a simple way to bring prosperity back to America and make the American Dream affordable again.  

How? By tapping the immense potential that has made America the most prosperous country in human history: the American people.  

History shows that whenever Americans are given the opportunity and freedom to thrive, they will create great wealth and prosperity—every single time. 

We can dream again. If we want our country to thrive, we should empower Americans by giving them the freedom and opportunity to reach their full potential, not get in the way of their dreams.  

Fortunately, some concrete ideas can reenergize the American economy and bring unfathomable prosperity to all Americans: 

Making life more affordable for Americans: by getting Washington spending under control and passing policies to control federal spending. Reckless government spending fueled record-high inflation, ballooned the national debt to $34.6 trillion, and forced American families to pay $11,400 more each year just to maintain their lifestyles.   

Unleash the full potential of American energy by reforming our outdated and ineffective permitting system, which limits our energy industry and forces Americans to pay 39% more in energy than they did a few years ago.   

Giving American workers the freedom and flexibility they need, allowing them to work how they want and when they want. Millions of Americans are not happy with their work status, yet the government is preventing many of them from being independent contractors by creating a labyrinth of labor regulations that effectively tells them how and where to work.  

Americans have the skills, drive, and talent to make the American Dream possible and affordable. We only need to work hard to remove the barriers keeping millions of Americans from it.