• tax-day

    Where does your tax money go? Making sense of Washington’s overspending

    Tax season is finally over Millions of Americans got headaches trying to make sense out of our complicated and colossal tax code to…

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  • How can we stop inflation ?

    How can we stop inflation?

    From the gas pump to the grocery aisle, Americans are feeling the pinch of rising prices. The question on everyone’s mind: Why is…

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  • Congress needs budget targets now. 

    Congressional Chaos: Why It’s Time for a Real Budget

    Déjà vu alert: A couple weeks ago, Congress scrambled to pass a $1.2 trillion-dollar spending deal to prevent a government shutdown. The last…

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  • With federal debt at $34 trillion, it’s time for a comprehensive budget

    Before the new year, the U.S. government hit a new national debt milestone: $34 trillion. For many voters, this number is just too…

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