• Beating high energy prices: Why permitting reform matters

    If you are irritated every time, you fill your gas tank, you have every right to be. Over the last four years, gas…

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  • tax-day

    Where does your tax money go? Making sense of Washington’s overspending

    Tax season is finally over Millions of Americans got headaches trying to make sense out of our complicated and colossal tax code to…

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  • Make energy affordable

    Wired for Progress: Streamline regulations and unleash American energy

    What is the hardest part of building a solar energy farm, setting transmission lines, or a gas pipeline?    If you think it is…

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  • Prosperity Is Possible powers up with partners in Washington, PA to discuss energy solutions

    A mutually beneficial collaboration unfolded in Washington, Pennyslvania, as Americans for Prosperity and the Oil and Gas Alliance united for an impactful event…

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