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If you are irritated every time, you fill your gas tank, you have every right to be. Over the last four years, gas prices have only gone up—44%, to be exact.

Gas is not the only fuel costing the average American more money. Heating oil, electricity, natural gas, and overall energy prices have risen way faster than wages, making the American Dream unaffordable to millions of hardworking Americans every day.

America has the potential to produce affordable and reliable energy. We have the resources, the technology, and the investment to do it.

However, outdated and cumbersome government regulations are making it harder for businesses to produce energy at lower prices. For example, businesses have to wait 4.5 years on average for an environmental impact statement before they can even start any construction.

Americans are the ones paying the brunt of this needless delay at the pump.

The good news is we can do something about it.

At Americans For Prosperity, we are leading the charge for permitting reform policies to eliminate the mountains of regulations stifling American energy production and keeping prices high. Together, we can make a difference.

High energy prices are not an irreversible fact of nature but a political decision. Here are some of the policies we can apply to get more reliable and inexpensive energy for all Americans:

  • Reforming the National Environmental Policy Act: Streamlining its environmental review processes to ensure our regulations guard the environment while allowing economic progress.
  • Treating all energy sources equally: The government gives billions of dollars to green energy cronyism while hurting reliable energy sources. We must change this.  
  • Passing legislation like the RESTART Act will remove the worst regulatory barriers hurting American energy production.

The American people work hard every day to afford a good life for themselves and their families. They do not ask the government for handouts but to get out of the way and let them help themselves.   

Getting rid of onerous energy regulations and unleashing the full potential of American energy will help Americans fulfill their own American Dream.