Energy Reform

Project delays often last years. Reducing redundant regulations will make environmental review more efficient and allow projects to produce energy more quickly. Our lawmakers also need to treat energy sources equally. Privileging some sources over others limits supply and drives up costs. Finally, we need to hold politicians accountable for their part in limiting our energy abundance, such as when the federal government reneges on their lease agreements.

Prosperity is Possible with Affordable Energy

The Towns Washington Forgot

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Prosperity is Possible Testimonial: Energy Reform

The American Dream is only possible with reliable energy that’s affordable and abundant. But energy regulations imposed by Washington are delaying projects and driving up costs — barriers that ultimately make energy — and the American Dream — more expensive for us all. But energy abundance and lower prices at the pump are possible if we demand energy permitting reform. It won’t be easy – the state and federal energy barriers stifling innovation are numerous.


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