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The Parkersburg, West Virginia roundtable marked the finale of a successful round of the national campaign tour, Prosperity is Possible, in West Virginia.

The roundtable event, moderated by State Director Jason Huffman, featured a compelling discussion with Attorney General Patrick Morrisey.

Focused on West Virginia’s battle against burdensome regulations, particularly in the energy sector, Morrisey highlighted the state’s landmark victory in the U.S. Supreme Court decision, West Virginia v. EPA. He reaffirmed his commitment to fighting against administrative overreach, especially in the context of Chevron Deference challenges before the Supreme Court.

In Parkersburg, the roundtable served as a platform for Attorney General Morrisey to showcase West Virginia’s determination to safeguard its economic freedom.

Morrisey emphasized the impact of the Biden administration’s halt on the Keystone pipeline, which dealt a significant blow to American independence and the economy. He stressed the importance of preserving energy independence and fostering economic growth through innovative solutions.

AFP's Prosperity Is Possible event in Parkersburg, West Virginia, featuring Jason Huffman and Attorney General Patrick Morrisey. The panel discussed how West Virginia v. EPA helped make prosperity possible for all Americans.

The highlight of the event was West Virginia’s triumphant win in West Virginia v. EPA, a decision that affirmed the state’s rights and limited federal regulatory overreach.

Morrisey’s dedication to fighting against administrative overreach was evident as he discussed upcoming challenges to Chevron Deference before the Supreme Court. He underscored the significance of reclaiming Congress’s legislative responsibilities from the administrative state.

In closing, Morrisey left attendees with a powerful message: innovation is the key to prosperity in America. By championing innovation and sensible policies, West Virginia and the entire nation can thrive economically and create new opportunities for growth.

As Americans for Prosperity continues its Prosperity is Possible campaign, events like these amplify the call for economic freedom and responsible governance.

Together, we can fight for a brighter future, ensuring that innovation remains at the core of America’s prosperity and progress.

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