Budget Reform

80% of Americans agree the government “wastes a lot of money.” The time is ripe for ending wasteful government spending. The less lawmakers interfere with the economy, the more we’ll be free to pursue the peace and prosperity essential to achieving the American Dream.  

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Kurt Couchman on Comprehensive Budgets

Americans need $11,000 more to maintain the same standard of living they had just two years ago.

That’s because Washington’s overspending is driving inflation and making life more costly. It’s time to end this cycle before the American Dream becomes even more unaffordable for everyone.

We can achieve economic prosperity for all if we hold leaders accountable for their fiscal actions. A comprehensive budget — as opposed to the 12 or more spending bills Congress usually considers — could help fix the economy in America by forcing lawmakers to budget responsibly and get serious about reducing inflation.


Better budgeting is only one tool at our disposal to hold Washington accountable for its bad spending decisions. Learn more about these four ways to bring financial responsibility back to our country.