Labor Reform

Congress needs to roll back these burdensome regulations and champion a more flexible workforce. Passing the Employee Rights Act is a good first step. This bill would protect independent contractors and freelancers  and contains provisions that would also defend the ability of small businesses and franchises to continue operating. It also offers worker protection in union matters. Another key labor reform is the Working Families Flexibility Act. This bill would offer workers more benefit options regarding their overtime work.  

Prosperity is Possible Testimonial: Work Flexibility Reform

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Abundance is possible when people are free to pursue a life of meaning — when they’re free to discover and develop their skills and use them to contribute to society. In other words, when they’re free to work where they want, when they want, on their own terms. But outdated employment laws are preventing American workers from reaching their full potential. It’s time we empowered them with the freedom and flexibility they need to succeed in today’s economy.


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