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October 24, 2023

Sick of government shutdowns? This bill would prevent them.

If the government shuts down, it can’t spend appropriated money, and many activities stop. At surface level this may seem like a great way to block big government. However, shutdown politics actually cost the American people far more in the long run. Here’s how Washington’s crisis-to-crisis governing hurts us all and the measures we need to take to get America back on track — including passing the Prevent Government Shutdowns
September 29, 2023

3 important issues Americans would like politicians to focus on

The media and politicians aren’t providing solutions to the problems everyday Americans are facing. Instead, they are filling our ears with noise— chaos, distraction, and political infighting. It’s time to demand more. We have the solutions at our fingertips and together we can implement them. Collectively, we can cut through the political noise and bring to light the real issues facing our nation. [embed][/embed] Here’s how to get
September 25, 2023

Prosperity Is Possible campaign ends 2023 summer tour in Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale, Arizona, marked the grand finale of the Arizona leg of the national campaign tour, Prosperity is Possible, hosted by Americans for Prosperity, in collaboration with their sister organization, LIBRE. This event, centered around America’s untapped energy potential, was not only informative but also incredibly enjoyable. Representative David Schweikert joined the gathering to discuss the journey towards accessible energy solutions. His insights shed light on the critical role of
September 14, 2023

150 drivers arrive for discounted gas at Prosperity Is Possible Phoenix event

Phoenix, Arizona, witnessed an impactful event as Americans for Prosperity, in collaboration with its sister organization, LIBRE, hosted a gas station event that rolled back the price of gasoline to $2.38 a gallon — the national average on the day Joe Biden assumed office. Drawing 150 cars to this eye-catching event, attendees had the opportunity to engage in critical conversations about the ramifications of Washington’s energy policies, which have led

Former Reagan aide calls for strong leadership in times of economic uncertainty during Prosperity is Possible stop in Las Vegas

Americans for Prosperity’s national campaign tour, Prosperity is Possible, stopped at a local park in Las Vegas, Nevada last week. Attendees heard from a lineup of speakers who explained the consequences of the Biden Administration’s policies on energy, inflation, and the economy.  AFP-Nevada State Director Ronnie Najarro set the stage by shedding light on the Biden administration’s energy policies and their direct impact on Nevada, a
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