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The media and politicians aren’t providing solutions to the problems everyday Americans are facing. Instead, they are filling our ears with noise— chaos, distraction, and political infighting. It’s time to demand more.

We have the solutions at our fingertips and together we can implement them. Collectively, we can cut through the political noise and bring to light the real issues facing our nation.

Here’s how to get started:

1.       Demand a stop to out of control spending

The gig is up— the American people can see past the political chaos and straight into the heart of the real issue in Washington: overspending.

60% of Americans are aware that the government is spending too much money and about the same percentage see that the economy is getting worse, not better.

Washington’s out-of-control spending is spurring more and more inflation. Grocery prices keep rising, filling up the tank is becoming increasingly more expensive, and over 60% of Americans say this inflation is causing financial hardship.

Together, we can rise up and demand a stop to this out-of-control spending. Learn more here.

2.       Challenge current labor laws

Labor policies should help entrepreneurs, business owners, and employees. However, Washington politicians have found a way to hurt all of them at the same time by standing firm on outdated labor laws and policies.

With the government’s unwillingness to listen to the needs of their hardworking constituents and respond appropriately, it’s no wonder nearly 1 in 5 Americans say government and poor leadership is a top problem facing the US.

To right this wrong, outdated labor laws must be updated to make it easier for businesses to create flexible jobs, assist self-employed Americans, and provide more opportunities for workers. Find out how, here.

3.       Call for energy reform

Washington can do more to curb inflation than just cut spending. 54% of Americans think increasing domestic oil production would decrease inflation. So why aren’t politicians pushing this strategy to bring down gas prices?

Because our nation’s leaders are busy covering the industry in red tape that limits supply, drives up fuel prices, and holds the economy back.

Washington needs to hear that we’ve had enough of the red tape. It’s time to unleash Americans energy abundance through comprehensive energy reform that promises reliable power, stable jobs, and lower prices for all Americans. Our latest e-book explains how.

How to make your voice heard

We must make it clear to Washington politicians and the media that they can’t hide behind manufactured drama. Politicians have to get serious about budgeting responsibly, curbing inflation, cutting red tape, and putting the American people first.

First, we must come together to make our collective voice louder than the distractions politicians and the media are putting before the American people.

Washington needs to hear our demands to bring down the cost of everyday living, increase opportunities for workers and businesses, and secure reliable and cheaper energy for our nation.

If you are committed to solving the real issues our nation is facing, the Prosperity is Possible Tour is a great place to start.

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