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Prosperity should not depend on government approval.  

Millions of Americans want to work hard to create their American Dream with their own hands. Entrepreneurial and hardworking people built our country’s success; they created value, and they did not wait for a bureaucrat to give them permission to do so.

Regretfully, the government does not think the same. The average American worker faces over 179 licenses regulations restricting where and how they can work, a frustrating reality that hampers progress. Uber drivers, construction workers, freelancers, and countless independent workers must deal with a mountain of legal barriers that slow them and America down.

Labor reform will let people chase their dreams without all the red tape. When people choose how they work, they can match their careers to their values and goals. This freedom helps create a balanced life filled with purpose and fulfillment. By cutting out unnecessary rules, we can help Americans innovate and thrive, giving everyone a shot at reaching their full potential.

Washington should stop blocking the way toward prosperity. Workers should have a say on how to work and consumers should decide who provides them services or not.

There are some concrete ways Washington can make it easier for Americans to work their way to success:

  • Pass the Employee Rights Act: This bill would eliminate many of the barriers that keep Americans from working the jobs they want and protect small businesses from labor regulations that make them less competitive.
  • Pass the Working Families Flexibility Act, which will allow independent workers more control and autonomy over their schedules, giving families a much-needed opportunity to spend more time together.
  • Embrace more legal pathways for independent contractors and allow them to receive benefits from clients, pick their own health savings accounts, and eliminate unnecessary tests that unfairly keep Americans away from independent work.
  • Enact occupational licensing reforms across the states, letting workers acquire the experience, training, and credentials they see fit without the heavy hand of government permission slips and unaffordable red tape.

History shows that when freedom thrives, prosperity follows suit. Let’s give Americans the autonomy and liberty to have full control over their careers; our country will be much better because of it.