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Is the American Dream unaffordable today?

It feels that way for many of us. But prosperity is possible – if we focus on the policies that help hardworking Americans.

Holding government accountable – for its wasteful spending, outdated labor laws, and limits on energy production, especially – is key to unlocking abundance. Government should be working for us, not dithering with political games or gimmicks.

Here’s how to keep the American Dream alive — and make prosperity is possible — via government accountability.

Prosperity is possible when the government spends less to bring down inflation

Out-of-control government spending has driven inflation to a 19-year high. Here’s how that works:

Congress spends too much, and Congress borrows too much.

When that happens, the Federal Reserve prints money to cover it.

The more the Federal Reserve prints, the less our money is worth and the more everything costs.

As a result, American families must spend more than $11,000 to maintain their current lifestyle.

That may seem daunting, but we can lower the cost of living if we hold our government accountable for budgeting responsibly and curbing spending and inflation with a comprehensive budget.

A comprehensive budget would include all spending and revenue in one bill each year. It would ensure the federal government spends the right amount of money on the right priorities.

It’s more possible than you’d think – in fact, Representatives Blake Moore and Marie Gluesenkamp Perez introduced the Comprehensive Congressional Budget Act of 2024 just this month.

Passing this bill and budgeting well would move our country toward greater economic well-being for everyone.

Prosperity is possible when we create policies that create more work flexibility

Prosperity is possible when people are free to work where they want, when they want, on their own terms.

But outdated labor laws and rulings – from the National Labor Relations Board’s recent joint employer ruling threatening hundreds of thousands of franchisees and small businesses, to the Labor Department’s new rule reclassifying what it means to be an independent contractor, to several government agencies mandating project labor agreements on certain federal projects – only limit the freedom and flexibility workers have indicated time and again that they want.

Instead of erecting these barriers to meaningful work, Congress should pass legislation like the Employee Rights Act, which would protect independent contractors and freelancers and contains provisions that would also defend the ability of small businesses and franchises to continue operating.

Prosperity is possible when we support more energy production

There are too many roadblocks to abundant, affordable energy. Permitting delays caused by redundant regulations, politicians favoring certain sources of energy over others, and the federal government reneging on lease deals on federal lands all limit our energy supply and drive up costs that you feel when you’re gassing up your car or heating your home.

Our ebook, “8 ways to solve America’s energy woes”, features a few solutions for supporting more energy production. Reforming the National Environmental Policy Act, passing the RESTART Act (which would remove the more excessive barriers to production), treating all fuel sources equally, and honoring our lease deals – and holding the government accountable when it fails to – are four ways Congress can unleash energy abundance for us all.

We can expand freedom and opportunity to reignite the American Dream if we hold the government accountable in the essential areas of spending, worker freedom, and energy.

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