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America has the natural resources, technology and the people needed to bring prosperity back to millions. We have what it takes; we just need to eliminate the barriers that keep us from unleashing our full potential.  

Affordable and reliable energy is key to restoring the American Dream. It gives Americans the tools they need to build their prosperity.  

The good news is that we have everything to make this possible. Low energy prices are not a fool’s dream but a doable reality.  

So, if we have the resources and the capabilities to bring energy costs down, why are we paying so much at the pump and at home? 

In one word: Politics. 

Instead of allowing Americans to get affordable energy and build their prosperity, Washington keeps us down by drowning American energy in a sea of regulations and red tape.  

Our permitting system is out of control. It forces energy companies to spend years on endless paperwork before breaking ground and building new projects.  

Washington is punishing conventional energy industries, breaking their word by pausing pending decisions for the export of Liquified Natural Gas, and canceling projects like the Keystone pipeline. 

Politicians are also engaging in widespread cronyism, picking winners and losers in the energy industry instead of letting the market choose the better, most affordable alternative.  

The result? It’s getting more expensive to produce energy, and Americans feel that price hike at the pump. 

There’s no need to despair, however. We can take simple policy fixes to unleash the full potential of the American economy.  

Here are just some of them:  

  • Reform the National Environment Policy Act: Streamline the environmental review paperwork. Ensuring ecological safety while also not smothering private businesses in a mountain of paperwork and red tape.  
  • Pass the RESTART ACT: Countless needless regulations make energy more expensive for Americans. The RESTART Act will tear down these barriers and fuel the prosperity of millions of Americans.   
  • Treat all energy sources equally: Our economy needs plenty of affordable energy; a fight between renewables and traditional energy only makes energy more expensive. Washington should stop tipping the scales between renewables and non-renewables.  
  • Hold politicians to their word: The American consumer pays the price at the pump when politicians fail to follow through on promises made; holding them accountable will send a strong message that they work for us and that we want a more affordable life.  

We believe in the potential of the American people. We know they will achieve incredible things if we let them.  

Let’s eliminate the regulatory barriers keeping the American energy industry down. If we tap America’s immense potential, prosperity will not just be possible. It will be a reality.